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Article: Picking Your Signature Scent

Picking Your Signature Scent

Picking Your Signature Scent


What is your relationship to fragrance? Some people stick to their favourite, others like to rotate a few choice favourites, and there are some that love discovering new fragrances. At Unplugged we value and highlight the importance of a personal scent. A signature scent says something about you and it creates an olfactory fingerprint that instantly associates you with your fragrance which makes people remember you. We have picked out our top favourite scents for you to explore. Follow this guide on our new fragrances and how a scent can encapsulate a look or aesthetic:

Discover Fragrances

Your personal scent is an extension of your personal style and it can complement what you wear and what you do. Follow our carefully chosen fragrances hand picked from Scotch & Soda, Carner Barcelona and Beso Beach. Get inspired to find that perfect touch for the day that lifts your personality and outfit. All our fragrances are unisex, range from wooden to floral ambiences and are easy to style for any occasion. 

Carner Beso Negro fragrance Beso Bendito frangrance Beso Canalla fragrance

Beso Beach Perfumes is our latest fragrance brand. Beso Beach Perfumes fragrances were made in collaboration with perfumers Olivier Cresp, Annick Menardo and Christophe Raynaud. Let us introduce the Beso Negro fragrance, an elegant, strong and charismatic scent that touches the skin like a provocative kiss. Featuring notes of violet, cardamom and sandalwood, the Bendito Beso fragrance introduces an aroma of the sea. Discover its traces of sand, water and heat. A mix of sweet and woody, elegant ambiences. Last but not least, the Beso Canalla fragrance; a lively departure from tradition with notes of orange and lavender. A meeting of notes that just creates perfect harmony, just like music you don’t want to end. Discover the collection here

Carner Barcelona

Carner Barcelona Perfume Carner Barcelona Fragrance
Carner Barcelona is captivated by the spirit of Barcelona, its contemporary lifestyle and the vitality of its people. We love its Mediterranean soul and the scents which present with their own identity. Wood, the DNA of the brand, is visually represented in the solid wood caps sourced from sustainably managed European forests. 


Carner Barcelona Latin Lover Fragrance Carner Barcelona Cuirs Fragrance


Encapsulate A Look With Your Scent

Standing out for its distinctive freshness, Costarela is the true expression of our Mediterranean spirit. This perfume evokes that unique feeling of freedom as it truly captures the marine Mediterranean breeze. It’s the sexy skin smell of a day spent in the wild and open ocean. The final scent settles on a warm, smooth and uplifting base of Amber, Ambroxan and a touch of salty, beachy vibes. Best worn with tropical prints and lightweight materials. Discover our Keoni collection featuring the High Waisted Shorts, Printed Bikini Top and Keoni Sandals. Finish off with a pair of statement earrings, discover the Large Hammered Hoops.

Carner dress

Cuirs is a strong and independent perfume that takes the spiciness of saffron and mingles it with the warmth of noble woods. A powerful and alluring fragrance that exudes attitude and authority while maintaining a sense of mystery. This scent complements a tailored suit or a dressed up yet comfortable summer look. Discover our brown Linen Shirt from our menswear collection, paired with the Cotton-Linen trousers and the marine Merapi brogues

Carner outfit


In a fine balance between smooth seduction and hot-blooded passion, this aroma will enrapture you. Latin Lover is irresistible, with heady and herbaceous notes of bergamot, narcissus and patchouli. It draws the attention of the senses, then it captivates and creates sparks of desire. This is a fresh and floral scent that is best worn with elegance on a sunny summer day. Carry yourself with the glorious and floral Silk Slip dress and The meadow straw hat.

Summer Carner outfit

Scotch & Soda

Much like the clothes, The Barfly from Scotch & Soda has its own character and is full of details. The scent develops from its fresh top notes of citrus-herb, to the middle notes of lavender and jasmine. Mixed with outspoken components such as sandalwood and cedar wood, it eventually settles down to reveal its warm base notes of musk and Madagascar. Discover The Barfly.

barfly fragrance

Discover More Today

Indulge in our world of scents and discover the full fragrance collection online here. For our local Byron Bay customers, step into our beautiful boutique in Byron and let our experienced staff help you pick your next signature scent.  

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